Oct. 16th, 2007 03:26 pm
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Greetings and salutations~ ^_^ I'm happy to join what seems like a really fun and friendly comm and excited to get started.

So I suppose I'll get things going with this.

Nekkid Japanese mens? Yes plz )
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Er, hello! I got an invitation over a week ago, but no notification for it so I didn't find it until I accidentally clicked on the Invites link the other day. >.>

Writing journal: [ profile] sweetdepravity

Would you like a mermaid with that crack? )

Needless to say, at least two of the current round's prompts are intriguing. Maybe I'll actually be able to write something.
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Iris reporting for duty. Invited by [ profile] mimei.♥

Bands (a.k.a Iris foolishly volunteers to try anything.) )

Notes (a.k.a disclaimers and admissions) )

If I've made any hideous mistakes in this post please do let me know. Thanks for letting me aboard.
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Hi, I'm new ^_^ I've got exams for the next week but after that I'm very very available for challenges and stuff ^^

Profile )


Oct. 15th, 2006 11:24 pm
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This journal is my old fic-LJ, my new one is [ profile] tokyodarkcastle, and my personal LJ is [ profile] kazou_kiriyama.

Here we go )
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Hello everyone. *beam* [ profile] mimei asked me to write a profile of sorts so here I go..
My personal and writing journal: [ profile] narcomanic

Bands/Artists )

Pairings )

Kinks )

Looking forward to partaking in challenges with you! *bow*
(And I might mention I'm not a native English speaker, so if there are any grammar mistakes feel free to inform me.)
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Heh, talking about being slow... I should have done this ages ago but never got around to do it. Well, it's time to change that (mainly because I just realized that I'd like to actually participate in this community *laughs*).

So hello, I'm [ profile] melinen, and my writing journal is [ profile] daishimel.

Bands/artists )

Pairing preferences )

Other notes )

What I will write and what I won't write )
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My writing/personal journal:[profile] sin_river
[profile] All pieces are listed in my userinfo, and all my fics are public.

Bands )

Other notes:
- I am willing to write AU, if it works for the piece.
- I like to read and write kink, though I've done little in the jrock pursuasion so far.
- If you have a request, phrase it as a concept or an idea, rather then simply a pairing.
- I am willing to write Crackfics, but...we'll see. Depends on the people involved.
- Proper drabbles are nearly impossible for me.
- I often borderline on the anti-fluff, and if it's fluffy, I'm probably messing with you.
- The bulk of my writing is in the Avenged Sevenfold fandom, (also listed on my userinfo) and only recently did I step out into writing in the jrock world.
- I write mainly a 'mindfuck', or pure smut, but I prefer to keep fics down to either a oneshot, or at least a minimum of chapters so that I can ensure that I finish it.
- Occaisionally a piece is more of a character study of a person, then an actual fic.

Kinks )

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as requested: i am mimei. [ profile] velvetgunfire invited me. hajimemashite.

fic journal: [ profile] bluetent.

bands i write ) )

notes )

if i've missed anything...nudge me. will edit as necessary.

last edit 2007.Mar.08 (a.m.)
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Hi all!

[ profile] ruinfea here, reporting for duty, or something like that. *wink*
Anyway, on with the show.

Fanfiction journal: [ profile] jyojyoushi

And we cut lest it get big and scary. )

And for now, that's all from me!


Aug. 4th, 2006 01:18 pm
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Okay, [ profile] velvetgunfire conned me into it. XD

My everything journal is [ profile] mayo_polyphony; I keep my fic archived in my memories.

Bands... )

Characters )

Notes )


Jul. 31st, 2006 08:27 pm
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Hey all! ^^/

My writing journal: [profile] i_shiki

Bands )

Pairing Preferences/Favorites:

Of course I have preferences but I'm not really 'tied' to any pairing, I'll most likely write any requested pairings.

OTPs )

Other notes )

Kinks )

Oh, intro!

Jul. 31st, 2006 05:02 pm
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Hello, lovelies. :]

Writing journal: [ profile] kittensrambling All my stuff is written there and I'll occasionally post pictures and YouTube links to PVs and interviews.

Bands )

Pairings )

Other Notes:
-I will write AU, depending on what it is someone has in mind. Like right now I have a supernatural AU fic going that I just so happen to be slacking on. *L*
-Smut is good. I like smut.
-Alike [ profile] calanthe_, I have yet to attempt a proper drabble because I find I can't stop myself at 100. That is a challenge within itself. So a drabble for me is something short of a one shot.
-I can write something sweet, romantic, and fluffy, but I can also do angsty, dark, and grr.

Kinks )


Jul. 31st, 2006 01:48 pm
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Hi everyone!
Umm, [ profile] likeafoxxx is my only journal, and it's where I post all my writing too.

Bands, Pairings, what I will + won't write )

Other Notes:

☆ I like to write about bands that rarely get attention (Wizard and RES for example) because it gives me a chance to be very original, and it's sometimes a sort of challenge.
And this place is all about challenges, right? XD;
☆ I use rain and roses in my fics way too much. (I suppose that would be called romance.)

And there you have it~


Jul. 31st, 2006 12:26 pm
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Hi! ^_^ I'm Danielle; my ljs are [ profile] yokozuki and [ profile] hakuen.

Fic archive~ I'm on AFFN, also.

Bands )

Pairings )

Other Notes:
I love gen, and will write het. Crack is fun, though I reserve the right to decline on pairings that squick me (Kyo/Mana, for example). AU is possible, it depends on the situation.

Kinks )
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Following [ profile] calanthe_'s example, here I go!

Writing journal: [ profile] chantrea_johari (which you can add, if you enjoy my writing). My personal journal is [ profile] blackfaeryblood, which you can also add, if you want to hear me ramble about stupid shit. XP

Bands )

Bands I will NOT write )

Pairing Preferences )

Other Notes:
- I will NOT write AU, under any circumstances
- I like kinky smut, especially BDSM, for bands in which it could seem PLAUSIBLE
- I'd prefer requests for oneshots rather than long fics
- I'll only write crack pairings if you can prove to me that the two people know each other, or can be connected through only 1 degree of separation (i.e. Character A and Character B both know Character C--therefore it is plausible that they might meet)
- I will not write proper drabbles (100 word limit) because it's too short for me
- Most of my oneshots are smutty
- I've written sex with up to six people before, so don't hesitate to request threesomes and more! (♥ threesomes)
- I will write pretty much any pairing between any members of PS Company (i.e. Kagrra, Kra, Miyavi, Alice Nine, Gazette...and formerly, bis)

I WON'T write )

A few more notes that have come to my attention )

That's all I can think of at the moment, so sorry if you request something it turns out I won't write. >.<;;;; Oh, and if you want some more in-depth ideas of the fetishes I will write, you can mosey over to the Sexual Beasts page and look at some of the notes. ^^;;;

EDITED 11/13/06
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If any of you want to add interests, tweak the layout, make an icon, or make the bio thingy on this community, go ahead. ^^;

To start this off, I figured it'd be a good idea for everyone to make a "fic profile" post where you can state what you can and will write, what you don't like writing, and favorite pairings.

So! Here's mine as an example -- please note that this is subject to editing as I think of things to add to it.

My writing journal: [ profile] katarushisu
Feel free to link it if you want, and/or add it if you would like to read my original or other fandom-specific writing.

(Last edited on 11/05/07)

Bands: )

Pairing Preferences/Favorites: )

Other notes:
- I will write AU (but not schoolfics!)
- I like kinky smut (see kink list for specifics)
- please request oneshots rather than multi-chaptered plots
- crack pairings are fine, within reason, but I may decline the challenge if it features someone I can't/won't write in a smutty situation (if for a smutfic)
- I will not write Dir en grey fics. Nothing against the band, but I don't feel like adding to the 389475981 Dir en grey fics out there. x_x;
- I will write pairings featuring members of Dir en grey with other bands' members, but only in certain special cases.

Kinky fun -- yes or no. )
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