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Hi, I'm new ^_^ I've got exams for the next week but after that I'm very very available for challenges and stuff ^^

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i went ahead and wrote something-of-a-userinfo for this lovely comm.
amendments MORE THAN WELCOME. please tell me whether or not it is any good.

also, in regards to the Post That Became a Smashing Party, anyone want to brainstorm challenge ideas (i.e. have another party post :3)? *provides a keg and a closet*
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Hey, guys. ^_^ I have a question to toss out: Who is your favorite Jrock fanfiction writer that isn't part of this community (yet)?

I guess we can all invite people, right? >.> *has been unsure of this throughout and thus hasn't invited anyone*

This of course isn't for purposes of creating any "what, I'm not your favorite??" drama (*snickers*) but rather to start discussion of who else really ought to be asked here, and - why ya haven't asked them yet! (Mine is [livejournal.com profile] luniana, and I haven't asked her because, see above + ...okay, I'm a coward. XD;;)

By the way, I realized I forgot to tag anyone for next week's challenges, so - I tag [livejournal.com profile] screaming_003. ^_~ ♥


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