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Hey Army! And hi to any new members.

o1. I'll be taking over the remix. How's everyone going with it? Would you like me to screen submissions and then stagger the posting of remixes over December? Remember the deadline is December 5th. Comment, comment, コメントをして!!

o2. it's a little late for a Christmas one, so how about some kind of New Years challenge? Vote below. Suggestions please! I'm keen to see those who haven't participated before getting involved.

and o3. ADMIN instead of having thirty-three mods, who would prefer it if we cut it down to those who are actually active in administrating this community (not just posting challenges). Posting access is a separate thing and could still just as easily be awarded (we could have one post for requesting posting access). It just seems tidier to me (i.e. I do a lot of admin here, but my ficjournal really doesn't need to be a mod). AFAIC, maintainers ONLY need be people who actively administrate the comm and need the permissions to do so and (to my knowledge) there are only about 4-5 of us who do. But I can be a right neat freak, so if this is a terrible idea please vote so. Thanks.

[Poll #1096966]

ETA. Please comment if you wish to remain a maintainer.
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for the record/in case you missed the announcement

ROUND 4 2007 is an amnesty (sort of) on the previous rounds.

This means:

1. You can chose any previous challenge prompt (from 2007).

2. Because there are no new prompts, this round is officially 'Round 0'.

3. Complete a challenge and comment on this entry. Or this one, I'm not at all fussed.

4. The round runs from 15 April through 29 April

5. [livejournal.com profile] yokozuki heads up! You're tagged for the round following this.

Please, don't hesitate to comment in you have any questions or...comments. You are not required to participate in the rounds...but it'd be nice if you did. Following this will be the 'wanted' post discussed earlier. いいですか? Hope you're all well & happy ♥
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Hay comm. ♥ First off, I love you guys. You're so cuddly and friendly and great.
HOWEVER, challenge rounds? Not going so great. I mean, dude, two/three you've been subjected to my challenges because no one's stepped up to the tag and seriously? One round a year from me is surely enough :D Round Two hasn't been rounded up (Z~~~???) but here's how Round Three went:

[livejournal.com profile] mayo_polyphony, Yozakura for 2(a)
[livejournal.com profile] mimei, Sentiment Machine for 1.
Me & D did a marathon on the timed challenges. It was class.
[livejournal.com profile] yokozuki, J/Inoran thingy for 5(a)(b)(c).
[livejournal.com profile] mimei, but do you?/give yourself away in an envelope/to the world for 5(a)(c).
end edit

Okay so lol, notice how one of those is actually me? Well, I found it pretty amusing. *lols to self in the closet*

Now, it's just that time of year...Winter's coming on, business year just rounded up, big rush of assignments before- oh wait, I'm being a little self-centered there *hums* but yeah, there's University/College aps, Easter, lots of stuff happening everywhere. This is cool. And challenge rounds aren't compulsory or nothin'.

BUT, it seems a bit stupid to keep putting up new rounds unless you are not liking the challenges (speak up, plz). Personally I think the challenges are totally fly. So for this round (which I have not set a closing date for yet), you can do any challenge from the previous three rounds.

Round One
Round Two
Round Three

Unless of course, [livejournal.com profile] yokozuki, you want to post a new round?

And dudes, remember this is the partycommunistawesome comm of d00m. Discussion is encouraged. And if anyone would like to drunkfic or generally fic with me, that'd be slickster cool because I'm bored and need people to force me to write. So maybe it'd be cool to have a sorta "wanted" post (f'locked) where we can post our contact details and the type of fic we like to fic at...or, well, yknow, yknow?

In other words: yo, wassup?
Don't be shy. We're all nice people here!
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>> Dartboarding closes Sunday. That's the 21st. Of January. 2007. Following this will be voting! Please go forth and dartboard and multiply!!!! Clicking here will show all entered fics.

>> Got a suggestion for an award? (You may, of course, suggest a fic-specific award.) PLEASE SUGGEST AND DISCUSS BY COMMENTING ON THIS ENTRY.

>> Future happenings include: 1) a remix challenge, 2) a return to weeklies, but trying out fortnightlies, perhaps with more involved prompts, 3) other exciting things!

thank you to everyone who's been busy dartboarding and concriting! i know it isn't the easiest process (:

questions?? --> comment.
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Since [livejournal.com profile] ekucbbw is stuck with writer's block, I figured I should tag someone else. However, since it's short notice, I've decided to open it to anyone* that hasn't had a chance to do a challenge week yet -- the first person to comment with an "I'll do it!" or something similar will get it for the week. And if no one replies in 24 hours, I'll pick someone myself. :P

* anyone being one of the maintainers, naturally.

And for those that are watching this community, feel free to comment on other posts, or even try a prompt out if you want. If you're interested in being a part of the "team" as it were, link us to a fic of yours, and if one or more of us likes it, you'll probably be invited. ^^;
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In case people didn't know, challenge fics don't have to be oneshots, nor do they have to be finished by the end of the challenge time. I know a few of my prompts would probably be better suited to a chaptered fic than a oneshot, and I'm crossing my fingers and hoping more people write fics using my prompts, because I'd love to read what y'all come up with. XD I have a few ideas for old prompts, and even though the "official" challenge is over, maybe we could just pimp out whatever we write in a new post when it's a bit late for whatever challenge week it's for. Since I'm a lazy slow writer, making week-long deadlines is nearly impossible for me. XD

Oh, and since I forgot when posting my challenges, I tag [livejournal.com profile] ekucbbw for the next challenge set. ^^;

Anyway, I better go to bed before I start making no sense due to need of sleep. =_=;
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i went ahead and wrote something-of-a-userinfo for this lovely comm.
amendments MORE THAN WELCOME. please tell me whether or not it is any good.

also, in regards to the Post That Became a Smashing Party, anyone want to brainstorm challenge ideas (i.e. have another party post :3)? *provides a keg and a closet*
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Hey, guys. ^_^ I have a question to toss out: Who is your favorite Jrock fanfiction writer that isn't part of this community (yet)?

I guess we can all invite people, right? >.> *has been unsure of this throughout and thus hasn't invited anyone*

This of course isn't for purposes of creating any "what, I'm not your favorite??" drama (*snickers*) but rather to start discussion of who else really ought to be asked here, and - why ya haven't asked them yet! (Mine is [livejournal.com profile] luniana, and I haven't asked her because, see above + ...okay, I'm a coward. XD;;)

By the way, I realized I forgot to tag anyone for next week's challenges, so - I tag [livejournal.com profile] screaming_003. ^_~ ♥
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Okay, before everyone thinks this place has died, I'm finally getting around to doing something. XD

The types of challenges haven't really been discussed, so feel free to volunteer your ideas in comments here. I also have an idea of my own that I've mentioned -- someone posts a short snippet of a fic, and, like a round robin, someone else continues with another snippet in comments. Does that sound good? The only problems I foresee with that are some people won't participate in that type of challenge because the band and/or pairing isn't something they write. But, you can always start your own drabble-type challenge post with a band or pairing you like to write instead. :D

Come on people, let's keep this community alive! XD

-Crickets chirp.- :P

In other community news, does anyone want to volunteer to do the userinfo? We can also discuss what should be on it, and stuff like that. And if there are any authors you wish to invite, you can offer up some samples of their fics for the rest of us to check out. I don't want to be elitist, but standards apply -- spelling and grammar skills are a must, as is realistic characterization (with exceptions due to explained circumstances, especially in the case of AU).

And speaking of writing, I'm very slow with my own fics, and I have about a dozen planned that I've been quite lazy about starting. >_>; And I keep getting more ideas for new fics. =_=; -Shakes a fist at fickle muses.- Now that I can't think of anything else to add, I'm gonna go poke my fic muses and see if I can come up with anything fic-like. x_x;
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