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Name:Red Slash Army
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Welcome to last_pleasure!

The story so far
By perhaps all accounts it seems to have been created by uigenna and started by sugarless_666 sometime in the not-so-distant past when petite pink elephants abounded. At the moment this fabulous community of fabulous pirates livejournal users is in the teething stage, and has been partially hijacked by a gaggle of well-meaning geese who have been stealing kegs, smashing windows and claiming closets. We have become the Red Slash Army thanks to the Marxism implicit in Last Pleasure's as-yet-not-stated philosophy that has run rampant in circles after its own tail. Do not fear, we welcome new convertsslavesminions comrades to party with!

Our great malleable mission is to write. Anything goes, it's about challenge and inspiration (at least, it might be!). What is being written is fanfiction of the Japanese rock kind. It does not have to be yaoi.

As yet, there are no prizes!
At present: there are weekly challenges set around specific themes and prompts, and round robins can be started and continued. Other challenges may be instigated! Go crazy!

Feel free to drop by our Standing Idea-Post Party of D00m, open 24/7 for all your mind-altering, jrock-pleasuring needs. Party onnnn!

Or if you're wanting someone to fic with, or wanting in general drop by the Wanted Post. These never die, stop by any time.

Becoming a member
Membership is open, but you must a maintainer to have posting access (here is how you invite other writers). Just be an adept writer and contact any one of the maintainers. We'll check your writing out and see what we can do, like the very polite employees-of-the-supremely-beauteous-fandom that we are!

Still confused?
If you have any questions, suggestions or comments go ahead and post them.
We may not be able to answer all questions, but we can certainly pretend we know what we're talking about.

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