Jul. 23rd, 2007

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Okay, so I kind of volunteered to do challenges, but since this is first time.... hopefully I don't repeat anything from the past ^_^;

This round will go from July 23 - August 7.


1) Harry Potter: Yup, you knew it was coming! (hears groans from jaded people who talked to one too many Harry Potter fans). To celebrate the coming of the last book and my revenge for one of the worst endings ever, the theme tonight's Harry Potter. Write anything pertaining to Harry Potter - crossovers, AU's, parodies (especially parodies :D).... Anything you can think up of. Not much more to it. Just something to do with Harry Potter.

2) Urban Fairy-tale: These things are, from all the literature I've ever read on this subject, either quite tricky to make or the wrong people are writing this stuff -____-. Incorporate elves, fairies, or other otherworldly creatures into the otherwise mundane everyday life. HINT: Don't make it into LOTR in Suburbia of Chicago, unless you think you're up to it. Please.

3) Themed:  flowers [blame Oscar Wilde and his obsession with them in Dorian Gray]
     a) Poppy + remembrance
    b) Rose + desert
    c) Lilac + hometown
    d) Lilies + college/university

4) Crack!Pairings: So I've heard of Gackt/Kirito, or Gackt/Miyavi, or even Seo Taiji/Miyavi.... But have you ever heard of Isshi/Hyde??? Basically, make up the most cracked out pairing, and write a fanfic on it. The key, is though, to make it BELIEVABLE. Well, somewhat believable. We'll leave the "somewhat" part open to interpretation ^_~.

5) Guess the Characters: Obviously in order to actually guess them, you have to know most of your j-pop people. But it's fun to guess. Don't give the people in your fic names, but try to make the characters as recognizable as possible. Obviously, most people in the show biz are way open to interpretation, as most of the fics you find anywhere tell you, so many people would have different guesses based on what they like, were exposed to, hate, etc etc. But seriously, don't worry if people will guess who the people in your fic are or not. Or maybe you should *shrugs*

6) Standardized Testing: Simple as that. J-poppers/rockers take any standardized test you can think of.

Yeah, um, somehow I feel one of these was used once before, but that's okay. Hopefully, you'll actually understand my convulated attempts to explain these prompts and have fun with these. Happy writing!

EDIT: Since the pacific coast at least is now on Tuesday, date has been moved to August 7th


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