May. 5th, 2007

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Entries for this round:

[ profile] narcomanic:
2(d) and 5(b) (Plastic Tree)

[ profile] yokozuki:
Round 3, 5(b)(timed challenges)
Hydra [Buzzout]
Untitled Aoi/Uruha, Uruha/Mai (snippet from the PSC tour ficverse)
Yu~ki/Kozi fluff.
Standing In The Sea ~STARING AT THE SUN~ - Part and the rest J/Ino, the Inoran angle that follows Hydra.

me/[ profile] mimei:
Round 3, 5(b)(timed challenges)
Monsters are Real
それに気付かずparty all night *
slide into my machine
we will disintegrate *
Desperate and Ravenous *
* these are pretty much all from my rather twisted TVXQ (DBSK) drugverse. the others are what i call experimental postmodern crap (actually, they all are, but those ones aren't in the drugverse, so..).

Thank you for participating in this Round. I know a lot of people have finals and stuff lately. Actually mine are coming up in what I'm guessing is the U.S. break? (May/June) So I'm not going to be chasing things up~ (I need to work on this procrastination thing...and there are some important origific things I have to get done). Again: I won't be accepting any late entries for Round Zero. (However, all three previous rounds will, so you could post them to those entries. Loopholes ftw :P)

Even if you can't participate in a round, it's nice to still follow the round (i.e. track the entry comments) and read & comment on submitted fics, like most members did last year (I know that I read like mad, whether I'm up to writing or not, and comments from the RSA core are utter love).

[ profile] yokozuki will be posting the next round soon.


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