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Hay comm. ♥ First off, I love you guys. You're so cuddly and friendly and great.
HOWEVER, challenge rounds? Not going so great. I mean, dude, two/three you've been subjected to my challenges because no one's stepped up to the tag and seriously? One round a year from me is surely enough :D Round Two hasn't been rounded up (Z~~~???) but here's how Round Three went:

[livejournal.com profile] mayo_polyphony, Yozakura for 2(a)
[livejournal.com profile] mimei, Sentiment Machine for 1.
Me & D did a marathon on the timed challenges. It was class.
[livejournal.com profile] yokozuki, J/Inoran thingy for 5(a)(b)(c).
[livejournal.com profile] mimei, but do you?/give yourself away in an envelope/to the world for 5(a)(c).
end edit

Okay so lol, notice how one of those is actually me? Well, I found it pretty amusing. *lols to self in the closet*

Now, it's just that time of year...Winter's coming on, business year just rounded up, big rush of assignments before- oh wait, I'm being a little self-centered there *hums* but yeah, there's University/College aps, Easter, lots of stuff happening everywhere. This is cool. And challenge rounds aren't compulsory or nothin'.

BUT, it seems a bit stupid to keep putting up new rounds unless you are not liking the challenges (speak up, plz). Personally I think the challenges are totally fly. So for this round (which I have not set a closing date for yet), you can do any challenge from the previous three rounds.

Round One
Round Two
Round Three

Unless of course, [livejournal.com profile] yokozuki, you want to post a new round?

And dudes, remember this is the partycommunistawesome comm of d00m. Discussion is encouraged. And if anyone would like to drunkfic or generally fic with me, that'd be slickster cool because I'm bored and need people to force me to write. So maybe it'd be cool to have a sorta "wanted" post (f'locked) where we can post our contact details and the type of fic we like to fic at...or, well, yknow, yknow?

In other words: yo, wassup?
Don't be shy. We're all nice people here!
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